Argentine Tango Videos & Examples

Milonga Videos

These videos illustrate some aspects of milonga/traspie in several styles. There are some very traditional examples as well as one from nuevo style Chico Frumboli.

NB. Most of these clips are performances and do not necessarily reflect what will work in a milonga, but they show some aspects of the dance.

Example 1. One the great couples - Javier Rodriguez and Geraldine Rojas- from 2007.

Example 2. Traditional 'salon tango' style milonga - Ricardo Viqueira e Maria Darritchon.

Example 3. Milonga with a more modern twist - Gabriela Elias and Eduardo Perez.

Example 4. Oscar Casas and and Mary Ann Casas technique class.

Example 5. Oscar & Mary Casas again with a demonstration.

Example 6. Very modern style! Chicho Mariano Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda. Chico is one of the originators of the 'nuevo' style of tango.

Example 7. Very traditional style! Osvaldo y Coca (Osvaldo Cartery, Coca Cartery).

Example 8. A nice outdoor demo from Italy. Diego Calarco & Sveva Mule in Palermo Italy