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Salsa Timetable

Day Time Where Class Cost Starts
Monday 18:30 - 19:30 BHASVIC Salsa Footwork Absolute Beginners & Beginners (New)
You don't need a partner
7.00 Pay as you go
18:30 - 19:30 BHASVIC Salsa Footwork Improvers and above (New)
You don't need a partner
7.00 Pay as you go
18:30 - 19:30 BHASVIC Salsa Partner Dancing Absolute Beginners & Beginners (New) 7.00 Pay as you go

About Salsa

Salsa is a lively, sexy dance full of spins, turns and dips. It is a distillation of many latin and afro-caribbean influences and is a generic term encompassing a number of different styles: Cuban, Puerto Rican, New York, etc. Salsa is guaranteed to lift your mood and send you home energised and with a smile on your face (not to mention the music still going around in your head). Instead of sitting in front of the TV in the evening, come and take a salsa class - it's better than aerobics!

The dance itself consists of combinations of six steps, danced over an eight-count rhythm and includes turns, spins and dips. It is easy for the beginner to pick up and offers more complex moves and footwork for those who wish to progress further.

We often end the class with a Merengue, a very simple dance (you only need to count to 2!) containing similar moves to salsa. This is very easy for beginners to do and is also huge fun.