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About Carola

Carola Degener-Pereira is an ADTV , RSA, UKA qualified dance and fitness instructor.

She has been teaching dance and fitness since 1987, firstly in Germany then in the United Kingdom, settling in Brighton in 1991.

Her approach to dance and teaching is professional but fun, ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves whilst learning new steps and styles. People from all walks of life are made welcome, from complete beginners to more experienced dancers.

Ballroom and Latin

Carola brings a continental perspective to Ballroom and Latin American dance. In her native Germany these exciting dances are "universally" popular and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Carola's presentation is modern, fresh and professional.

Argentine Tango

As tango continues to grow in popularity Carola provides a series of classes and workshops to make the dance accessible in the Brighton area. Absolute beginners or those with some experience are welcome to come and learn the basic salidas, ochos and giros whilst workshops with visiting tango experts are organised on a regular basis. On Fridays the classes are followed by an hour of practice and there are periodic tango balls arranged locally. As a result of these activities there is now a growing tango scene in Brighton.


Carola offers structured and progressive salsa tuition as an alternative to the club-based scene. You can learn salsa moves and techniques in a dance studio. Each class builds from the previous lesson to ensure continuity but it is possible to join at any time. This approach provides a strong base for confident dancing, either as a leader or follower.

Rock 'n' Roll

Carola teaches rock 'n roll in relatively small groups so that people can get individual attention when required, in a relaxed and social environment.

C'est Roc (French Jive)

Carola offers C'est Roc at private lessons for people wanting to progress quicker than is possible in group classes. For people wanting to improve their lead or their style this is the perfect way to learn.


ADTV Allgemeiner Deutscher Tanzlehrer Verband (German Dance Teacher Society)
RSA Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce
UKA United Kingdom Alliance